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Product Creation, Francis Philip H.
The CSR International Research Compendium, Visser Wayne

Now more than ever, a company's success -- indeed its survival -- depends on a firmwide effort to create the best products and bring them to market quicker ... więcej

In this 610 page Compendium, CSR International has compiled summaries of the best research on corporate sustainability, social responsibility and business ... więcej

The Book on Incentive Compensation Management, Kelly David
Human Resources Management Practices, Shaik Haniefuddin

Variable compensation is one of the most misunderstood processes companies perform. ICM system implementations are very challenging because of it. This ... więcej

Every industry requires certain prerequisites for its functioning namely: raw materials, finance and funding, machinery, etc. Similarly, it requires manpower. ... więcej

Take the Money and Run! an Insider's Guide to Venture Capital, Langeler Gerry
Excel Basics In 30 Minutes (2nd Edition), Lamont Ian

This book is for entrepreneurs who want to realize their vision, want to build a major enterprise, want to change the world. To win, you need two things: ... więcej

Updated in 2018! Here's your chance to finally learn how to use Microsoft Excel! In a single sitting, this quick and easy user guide will help you ... więcej

The Priceless Key to Success And Professional Business Insights, Tursunov Abdulnasir
HR Analytics and Innovations in Workforce Planning, Miller Tony

Primarily, the book is written in professional business major and to prepare the readers to think smart and grow rich into the professional business field ... więcej

The very latest research shows that a process approach to interviewing provides greater structure and has the potential for significantly reducing bias. ... więcej

PATHWAY TO SUCCESS, Babatunde Adeola
Understanding Coaching and Mentoring, Hale Richard

Turn your challenge to a catalyst for positive change. Become consciously aware of what you want for yourself and change the focus of those thoughts to ... więcej

Coaching and mentoring are recognised as key skills to support the development of people in the workplace and in their careers. Leading edge research ... więcej

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