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Postmenopausal Osteoporosis, Gujarathi Jasmine

Postmenopausal period is vulnerable period for women as along with the scars of ageing she has to suffer from inevitable changes like osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy has shown more risks then benefits in this condition. Hence a simple herb Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) containing phytoestrogens was studied in menopausal and postmenopausal age group for its effect on minimizing bone loss and hence preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis without any side effects.

Murder by Munchausen Future Crime Mysteries (Book 1), Bass M. T.

A police procedural thriller ripped from future headlines! '…packed with action and unexpected developments...fast-paced, entertaining...'  -- Kirkus Reviews “…a great story that blended a couple genres together beautifully. I easily fell into the story and didn’t want to quit until it abruptly ended. I’m really glad that I have the next book in the series. I can’t wait to see what Jake, EC, and Maddie get into next.” – J.D. Bronder Book Reviews    (4 of 5 Stars) “The pace of ... więcej

Mastering Entity Framework, Singh Rahul Rajat
Darkness Comes Before the Dawn, Umphenour Terry

Fifteen-year-old Karina's life has changed dramatically in the last year. After losing both her parents in an airplane accident, she is now living in a facility known for using adventure education to turn troubled adolescents into responsible adults. As Karina and other students enter Devil's Icebox, a mazelike cave with a bad reputation for taking the lives of early explorers, they hope to experience a day of challenging spelunking. Instead, they soon are summoned by local authorities to rescue other spelunkers trapped inside-before it is too late. As ... więcej

To End All Wars, Knock Thomas J.

In his widely acclaimed To End All Wars, Thomas Knock provides an intriguing, often provocative narrative of Woodrow Wilson's epic quest for a new world order. The account follows Wilson's thought and diplomacy from his policy toward revolutionary Mexico, through his dramatic call for "Peace without Victory" in World War I, to the Senate's rejection of the League of Nations. Throughout Knock explores the place of internationalism in American politics, sweeping away the old view that isolationism was the cause of Wilson's failure and revealing the role ... więcej

130 Kidney Disease Juice and Meal Recipes, Correa Joe

130 Kidney Disease Juice and Meal Recipes: Give Your Body What It Needs to Recover Fast and Naturally By Joe Correa CSN   Kidney disease is defined as any form of abnormality in these organs. These abnormalities prevent normal kidney function and lead to some serious medical conditions, mainly waste products are kept inside your body. Without a proper treatment, kidney disease can lead to complete kidney failure and a life-threatening condition. The main causes of kidney disease are diabetes, high blood pressure, urinary tract infections, overuse ... więcej

Nationalism and Literature, Corse Sarah M.
Healed by Love (The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor), Foster Melissa

Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens. **HEALED BY LOVE is a USA TODAY BESTSELLER** In HEALED BY LOVE... Nate Braden has loved his best friend's younger sister Jewel for as long as he can remember, but between their age difference and his respect for Rick, he's always kept his feelings at bay. Now he's back in Peaceful Harbor, and Jewel is no longer sixteen years old--but there's an even bigger obstacle standing in his way. ... więcej

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution,
Schopenhauer's Compass. An Introduction to Schopenhauer's Philosophy and its Origins, App Urs

Schopenhauer was the first major Western philosopher with a deep interest in Asian philosophies and religions. His favorite book was a Latin version of the Indian Upanishads-the Oupnek'hat-that he used to call the consolation of his life and death. Urs App explains in this book for the first time why Schopenhauer regarded this work as the most excellent in the world, how it is connected with the birth of his philosophy, and what caused him to list it even ahead of Plato and Kant as his major inspiration. This groundbreaking new introduction to Schopenhauer's ... więcej

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