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Jump Down Under - True Stories of Relocating to Australia, Ayres Iain
Find Your Passion (Second Edition), Parfitt Jo

Many dream of a new life Down Under. After all, who wouldn't want to exchange a life of grey skies and the ready meals for one of spontaneous barbies laden ... więcej

20 tips and 20 tasks for finding work that makes your spirit soar... When will you find your true calling? If you want to spend your life doing enjoyable ... więcej

Mon livret de déménagement, Besanceney Valérie
The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States - A Step by Step Plan for International Students, Summers Hargis Toni

"Comme chaque voyage, un déménagement génère de l’excitation et de la peur. Déménager sans carte ... więcej

In today's global world, many students attend universities outside the country, culture and education system in which they were born or grew up. For an ... więcej

Expat FAQs, Bedggood Ginnie
The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition, Quick Tina L.

All of the things you always wanted to know about becoming an expat in the Dominican Republic. Plus a few of the things you didn't! WHEN you embark on ... więcej

Third culture kids/global nomads have typically interacted with two or more cultures during their developmental years - those years that shape who they ... więcej

Write Your Life Stories, Parfitt Jo
Going Native in Catalonia, Harris Simon

This book comes as part of a complete home study course, comprising a 60 minute video, 2 hours of audio and over 200 JustWrite Inspirational stickers ... więcej

If you're planning to stay in Catalonia and want the most authentic experience you can get then it pays to be prepared. Much more than a tourist guide ... więcej

Misunderstood, Crossman Tanya
Retire to the Life You Love, Smith Nell

Over 200 million people currently live abroad; more than 50 million are temporary residents, intending to return to their country of origin. Misunderstood ... więcej

Nell Smith is the Creator and Founder of Retire to the Life You Design© workshops and presentations. As a professional retirement planner and certified ... więcej

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